France’s CSA makes pair of appointments

French media regulator the CSA has named Nicolas Curien and Nathalie Sonnac as members of its council. Curien was nominated by the French Senate and Sonnac by the National Assembly. Curien will work on spectrum issues this year, alongside Nicolas About. His responsibilities will also include digital audiovisual services and distribution, where he will work […]

TF1 says LCI channel redundancies loom

French commercial broadcaster TF1 has said it will make 148 posts redundant as a result of its failure to secure free-to-air status for news channel LCI, currently available as a pay service via DTT and pay TV operators. TF1 has appealed to France’s Conseil d’État to reverse the decision by media regulator the CSA refusing […]

TF1 lines up LCI channel sale

The owners of French newspaper Le Monde have confirmed a “real and serious” interest in acquiring TF1’s news service LCI following the latter’s announcement that the channel will shut down – at least in its present form – at the end of this year. Following media regulator the CSA’s July decision not to allow LCI […]

CSA says channels must stay on pay-DTT

French media regulator the CSA has rejected moves to take TF1-owned news channel LCI, M6-owned entertainment channel Paris Première and Canal+-owned documentary channel Planète+ to free-to-air status, crushing TF1’s hopes of taking the news channel in particular off the struggling digital-terrestrial pay TV platform. In coming to its decision, the CSA said it had studied […]

DTT remains top in France, CSA stats show

Digital-terrestrial TV remained the primary mode of reception of television for French households at the end of the fourth quarter, according to the latest survey from media regulator the CSA. Some 57.9% receiving a DTT signal, though this was down from 59.7% in June 2013. Satellite reception was stable at 25%, while cable fell by […]

CSA launches reality TV consultation after Koh-Lanta deaths

French media regulator the CSA has initiated a joint consultation with the country’s channels on reality shows following the deaths of two people involved in the making of TF1’s Koh-Lanta, the local version of Survivor. The move follows the death of 25 year-old contestant Gérald Babin, who suffered a heart attack while completing one of […]

French media regulator the CSA appoints new boss

French president François Hollande has named Olivier Schramek as the new president of media regulator the CSA to replace outgoing chief Michel Boyon. Schramek was chief of staff to Lionel Jospin when the latter was minister of education in the late ‘80s and again when he became prime minister in 1997. The government has refuted […]

France’s CSA makes scripted reality ruling

French media regulator the CSA has said that ‘scripted reality’ shows can in principle be considered to qualify towards French channels’ local content creation obligations. Following a consultation on the topic, the CSA said that it will consider such shows on case-by-case basis. It said there was no automatic link between its opinion on whether […]

French local channels call for suspension of DTT reordering

A raft of French TV channels are challenging their new ranking on the EPG for digital terrestrial TV. Almost 40 French local TV channels have completed the first stage of an appeal to the country’s Conseil d’Etat to challenge the latest ordering of channels on the country’s digital-terrestrial platform by media regulator the CSA. The […]

Canal Plus agrees to new conditions to secure FTA channels

Canal Plus has finally secured a green light from the CSA for its takeover of Bolloré-owned free-to-air channels Direct 8 and Direct Star after agreeing to a wide-ranging series of new commitments laid out by the media regulator. The new commitments undertaken by the broadcaster are additional to those imposed by the French competition regulator […]