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Jill Offman: Why we surf for mirth

What’s the last thing you liked on Facebook, retweeted or even – to the shame of your teenage relatives – loved on Instagram? I’ll bet you a pair of Ashton Kutcher’s underpants it was something funny. Whether it’s the latest grumpy cat video, a delusional Benedict Cumberbatch-lookalike or Jon Stewart’s latest sideswipe on The Daily […]

Comedy Central bringing Amy Poehler to MIPTV

Comedy Central is flying Amy Poehler to Cannes for a MIPTV session about her new comedy series Broad City. Poehler executive produces the series, which has been performing well on Comedy Central in the US. She will be on a panel session discussing the show alongside Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, the exec producers and […]