Christopher Skala

TBI Kids Survey 2016: is a breakout global kids content hit coming?

It is hard to get new shows away, and even harder to get new shows to stand out when they do make it to air. Despite that and the lack of new global hits in recent times, the industry remains broadly positive that we will see a new breakout programme this year.   Generally, it […]

TBI Kids Survey 2016: What is the biggest issue facing the industry?

TBI asks the the most influential players in the kids business for their views on the hot-button topics that are defining the sector in 2016 and beyond Asking folks in the kids industry about the biggest challenge they face elicits a range of responses, most of which can be filed into two areas: funding and […]

Christopher Skala forms YouTube content company

Former Hit Entertainment and Guinness World of Records executive Christopher Skala has created a new YouTube-focused kids content company, TaDaKids. Skala’s venture launched last month with backing from private equity firm Sandbox Partners. Writing about the new business in the latest issue of TBI Kids, Skala said TaDaKids will be a new kind of prodco, […]

‘Why don’t you start your own production company?’

Kids entertainment veteran Christopher Skala writes about the reasons he has launched new digital platform-focused production company TaDaKids. For over 20 years, colleagues and friends have repeatedly asked me, ‘Why don’t you start your own company?’ And for 20 years my answer has always been the same: ‘Because I have no faith in a business […]