Cam Cullen

Data: House of Cards binge viewing rockets

Netflix saw a huge spike in subscribers watching its drama House of Cards as its second season launched on Friday, according to broadband firm Procera Networks. More than 16% of Netflix subs on one unspecified web service from an unspecified US cable provider watched at least one episode of the show on launch day (see […]

Netflix’s Arrested Development launch ‘beats’ House of Cards

Internet traffic data for Netflix users suggests that 10% of Netflix viewers that started watching its new version of Arrested Development at launch had made it to the final, fifteenth, episode by May 27, a day after launch. Netflix does not release any viewing numbers for its content, but the analytics division of US technology […]

Counting Cards: viewing numbers for Netflix’s House of Cards

Netflix’s original series House of Cards launched February 1 and while the streaming service does not provide any viewing numbers, new data seen by TBI gives an insight into how the series has performed and how people are consuming the MRC-produced political drama. Procera Networks estimates that between 5-10% of Netflix US subs have watched […]