ABI Research

Piracy costing service providers ‘up to $8bn a year’

Video service providers lose between US$6 billion and US$8 billion in revenue to piracy each year, according to a study by US-based ABI Research. The report claims that while video piracy has been around since the advent of home recording and the VHS tape in 1979, today the most common forms of piracy include illegal […]

Content choices will drive virtual reality

VR device shipments will reach a total of 110 million by 2021, with the industry to benefit from a “swath of new and compelling content choices”, according to ABI Research. The new report claims that while mobile device-reliant virtual reality (VR) shipments — such as Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream— dwarf today’s other VR […]

Global pay TV penetration now 48%

Global pay TV penetration reached 48% in the first quarter of the year, with more than 900 million subscribers signed up to these services, according to ABI Research. The new figures claim that total pay TV penetration will exceed 50% – or one billion subscribers – by 2017 and will grow steadily over the next […]

Global pay TV subscribers to pass one billion

The global pay TV subscriber base will “eclipse one billion by 2018” driven by growth in the emerging economies of Brazil, Russian, India and China, according to new stats. ABI Research claims that the BRIC countries will account for 68% of total net additional subscribers by 2018, and that by this year the pay TV […]