Special Report: What Covid-19 means for TV

Covid-19 has transformed the content business in the space of just a few months, with implications that will be felt for far longer. This TBI Special Report features deep insights from leading buyers, producers, distributors and analysts into how companies are reacting and adapting at this critical time, and how the industry might look once the immediate crisis is over.

Job losses, show cancellations and severely reduced programming budgets are a certainty but the picture is not, however, entirely negative. We hear from producers that have never been busier as they embrace new technology, follow how engaging ideas moved into production at lightening speed, and explore how innovative partnerships have been formed to ensure an ongoing supply of content to viewers.

We also explore how broadcasters and streamers – both AVOD and SVOD – are adapting their strategies to acquisitions and the likely effects of the slump in production both in the short- and longer-term.