The best of Korean Content: FormatEast – Lotto Singer

The Latest music game show of the creator The Masked Singer, Lotto Singer is a revolutionary music game show that surpasses the limit of conventional talent show by providing an opportunity for viewers to actively participate in guessing the final winners.

The best of Korean content: EBS – The Science Of Cooking

Humankind has been creating countless ways of cooking food as long as we can remember. This documentary series takes a look at the world of cooking which is a series of endless accidents, adventures, and unexpected connections.

The best of Korean content: KBS Media – A Man In A Veil

This is the story of miracle. A bright young man full of justice, tried to save a girl from an accident. He saved the girl but he became a man with 7 years old intelligence. At the edge of death, he meets miracle. He is now rushing to have his revenge…