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The Show: DuelThe creators: David Roscoval and Jean-Michel SalomonThe producer: French TV in association with Berman-Braun in the US and Gallowgate in the UKThe distributor: French TVConcept: 26x45mins gameshowAiring: ABC (US), ITV (UK), from January 19. Optioned in 23 countries

Tiger Kill

The show: Tiger KillThe producer: Icon FilmsThe distributor: BBC WorldwideConcept: 1x50mins wildlife show that set out to capture rarely seen footage of a tiger killing its preyAiring: BBC Two (UK), February 25, Animal Planet (US)

My Big Big Friend

The show: My Big Big FriendThe producer: Breakthrough Animation (Canada), 2D Lab (Brazil) for Treehouse (Canada)The distributor: Breakthrough EntertainmentConcept: 52x11mins animated kids series hailing from Brazil about a six-year-old boy and his imaginary elephant friend GoliasAiring: On Treehouse (Canada) in 2009

Screenwatch – It Pays To Watch

The show: It Pays To Watch The producer: Money Saving Productions The distributor: Money Saving Productions Concept: Personal finance expert Martin Lewis fronts a how-to show about saving cash Airing: Five (UK)

Profile: CGDM

The group: Cyber Group Digital MediaThe buyers: Philippe Soutter, head of sales and Gusztav Simon in Budapest and Sophia Evans in Hong Kong.Recent acquisitions: Prom Queen, Crime Time, LéonRecent sales: Prom Queen to Filles TV (France), Tvigo (Russia); Léon to NRK (Norway), Astro (Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei), Tvigo (Russia); Blondes! to Fuel (Australia), Tvigo (Russia)

Screenwatch – Modern Toss

The show: Modern Toss The producer: Channel X The distributor: FremantleMedia Concept: Irreverant foul-mouthed animated comedy sketch show that includes dastardly sign writer Mr Tourettes and Drive By Abuser Airing: Channel 4 (UK), Paramount Comedy (UK), 365 Media (Iceland), MTV Oy (Finland), Channel 2 (Russia), ABS-CBN (Philippines)


The show: Quarterlife The distributor: Quarterlife The producers: Marshall Herskovitz & Ed Zwick Concept: 36x8mins online series detailing the lives of a gang of twentysomethings from the creators of thirtysomething and My So Called Life Airing: From November 11 on and from November 12 on

Why Democracy?

The show: Why Democracy? The distributor: Steps International The producer: Steps International Concept: Ten films commissioned to discuss different takes on democracy around the world Airing: From October 8 on ARTE (France), BBC (UK), ZDF (Germany), CBC (Canada), NRK (Norway), NHK (Japan), Canal+ (Spain), NHK (Japan)

Molotov’s Dispatches

The show: Molotov’s Dispatches in Search of the Creator: A Second Life Odyssey The producer: Submarine The distributor: Submarine Concept: 1x35mins doc filmed entirely in virtual world Second Life Airing: HBO (US), AVRO (Holland)


The show: Dexter The producer: Colleton Company/ The Michaels&Goldwyn Company The distributor: CBS-Paramount International Television Concept: Dexter spends his days as a blood splatter analyst and his nights as a vigilante serial killer. Airing: Showtime (US), FX (UK), Canal Plus (France), Fox (Brazil)

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