Show of the Week

Ozie Boo

The show: Ozie Boo The producer: Esteban Productions, Cyber Group Animation The distributor: Cyber Group Animation, Porchlight Concept: Animated series following five baby penguins as they hang out with a baby Siberian tiger Airing: V-Me (US), France 5, Disney Channel (Germany, Italy), Cartoon Network (India, Australia)

Battle at Kruger

The Show: Caught on Safari: Battle at KrugerThe producer: Creative Differences TelevisionThe distributor: Negative SpaceThe concept: One-off doc that takes the people behind the Battle of Kruger YouTube clip back to Africa and analyses the footage with input from wildlife expertsAiring: National Geographic (US), May 11, 9pm


The show: Pink The Series The producer: Loud Pictures Productions, Generate      The distributor: Generate Concept: Female assassin series based on a graphic novel Airing: YouTube, Myspace

Rising from Ruins

The show: Independent America: Rising from Ruins The producer: Open Door Co. The distributor: TBC The concept: Documentary looking at the effects of Hurricane Katrina on small independent businesses and mega corporations in New OrleansAiring: Super Channel (Canada)

Conquering Demons

The show: Conquering Demons The producer: Carlo Mancini, Lockdown Projects Concept: Action packed snowboarding documentary Airing: Bebo (UK)


The show: Sharkman The producer: Off The Fence, Animal Planet The distributor: Off The Fence Concept: Mike Rutzen swims with sharks in an attempt to hypnotize them Airing: Animal Planet (US, world), Five (UK) The Clip: Provided by Discovery Networks

Ben 10: Race Against Time

The show: Ben 10: Race Against Time The producer: Cartoon Network The concept: Live-action, feature-length version of Cartoon Network animated series Ben 10, directed by Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure star Alex Winter Airing: Cartoon Network US, Cartoon Network UK


The Show: DuelThe creators: David Roscoval and Jean-Michel SalomonThe producer: French TV in association with Berman-Braun in the US and Gallowgate in the UKThe distributor: French TVConcept: 26x45mins gameshowAiring: ABC (US), ITV (UK), from January 19. Optioned in 23 countries

Tiger Kill

The show: Tiger KillThe producer: Icon FilmsThe distributor: BBC WorldwideConcept: 1x50mins wildlife show that set out to capture rarely seen footage of a tiger killing its preyAiring: BBC Two (UK), February 25, Animal Planet (US)

My Big Big Friend

The show: My Big Big FriendThe producer: Breakthrough Animation (Canada), 2D Lab (Brazil) for Treehouse (Canada)The distributor: Breakthrough EntertainmentConcept: 52x11mins animated kids series hailing from Brazil about a six-year-old boy and his imaginary elephant friend GoliasAiring: On Treehouse (Canada) in 2009