Show of the Week

Worst Week

The show: Worst WeekThe producer: CBS Paramount, Universal Media StudiosThe distributor: CBS Paramount International TelevisionConcept: Sitcom following the disastrous luck of Sam Briggs based on BBC formatAiring: CBS (US)

Battlefield Mysteries

The show: Battlefield Mysteries The producer: Breakthrough Films & Television for History Television The distributor: Breakthrough Entertainment Concept: Four-part doc series using CGI and eyewitness accounts to investigate unsolved mysteries from military history Airing: History Television (Canada)

Think Big

The show: Think BigThe producer: Breakthrough Films & TelevisionThe distributor: Breakthrough EntertainmentConcept: 13x30mins kids series looking at wacky inventionsAiring: TV Ontario (Canada)

Died Young Stayed Pretty

The show: Died Young Stayed PrettyThe producer: Norotomo ProductionsThe distributor: Films We Like Concept: One-off documentary about the world of rock postersAiring: Super Channel (Canada)

Dona Barbara

The show: Doña BárbaraThe producer: Telemundo Studios, Sony Pictures Television, RTI Columbia The distributor: Telemundo International (Europe / Asia), Sony Pictures Television International (Latin America)Concept: 120x1hour novela based on Romulo Gallegos novelAiring: Telemundo (US)

Afghan Star

The show: Afghan StarThe producer: Havana Marking, Roast Beef ProductionsThe distributor: Channel 4 International Concept: One off documentary behind the scenes of Afghanistan’s local version of a Pop Idol-style talent competition Airing: More4 (UK)

100 Places To Remember…

The show: 100 Places To Remember Before They Disappear The producer: CO+ Life The distributor: Nordisk Film Concept: 100x1mins series of short documentary films about the effects of climate change Airing: MTV3 (Finland)

Dominick Dunne: After the Party

The show: Dominick Dunne: After the Party The producers: Road Trip Film, Film Art Doco The distributor: Mercury Media Concept: One-off documentary about the life of celebrated journalist and Hollywood producer Dominick DunneAiring: ABC (Australia), TV8 (Sweden), Planet Cyfrowy (Poland), Channel 8 (Israel)

The Dudesons

The show: The Dudesons The producer: Rabbit FilmsThe Distributor: Target Entertainment Airing: SubTV (Finland), Bravo (UK), Channel [V] (Australia) Concept: Show following the crazy – and dangerous – antics and stunts of a group of four Finnish friends

The Secret World of Sam King

Screenwatch: The Secret World of Sam KingThe show: The Secret World of Sam KingThe producer: Globe Productions, Monkey KingdomAiring: Bebo Concept: Teen based drama following the hectic life of record company runner Sam King