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TBI Interview: Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson is one of the most well known faces in the food world both…

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The End of Breaking Bad

Bryan Cranston cuts a fascinating figure; part character actor, part comic everyman, he is largely…

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Hollywood Studio formats

Plans are underway to make some of the most iconic US shows ever for local…

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Drama. Period.

Period dramas have always been stalwart performers in TV schedules, Roots, I Claudius and Brideshead…

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Blood and gore and TV shows

Television is getting scarier. Horror has always had an on-off relationship with the small screen…

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Police Procedure

Definition: pro·ce·dur·al (pr -s j r- l) The police procedural is a sub-genre of detective…

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The TBI interview: Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is the most successful TV executive of recent years; the man behind The…

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TBI at MIPCOM 2012

Television Business International (TBI) is heading to MIPCOM in Cannes to scour the Palais for…

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MIPCOM Hot Pick: Raid the Cage

“If you can get it out of the cage you can have it!” is the tagline for Israeli-originated gameshow format Raid the Cage.

In the show couples answer questions to win time in the cage in question.

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MIPCOM Hot Pick: The Blue Rose

Outrageous Fortune was a big hit in New Zealand and internationally and the producer of…