Memo-gate proves ABC execs are well read

Russian formalist scholar Vladmir Propp doesn’t get that many name checks in the international TV business. But after reading ABC Studios’ now infamous leaked memo on international formats, it seems this little known academic’s influence extends as far as Hollywood’s upper ranks. As any student of semiology will tell you, Propp’s big breakthrough was his […]

Vince Commisso, 9Story – Where Have All the 10-Year Old Boys Gone?

Not that this is a startling revelation to anyone, but it seems like 10-year-old boys don’t like TV very much these days. And, of course, there are many theories going around that try to explain why, most having to do with the proliferation of gaming, interactive web content and social networking (though this appeals to […]

Dermot Nolan, director general at the Digital TV Group, on technology and standards

Without standards content producers face a complex challenge in exploiting new distribution platforms, says Dermot Nolan, boss of the the DTG, the UK industry association for digital TV. Until recently video content was produced and broadcast in a relatively simple environment. We’ve had digital cable, satellite and terrestrial services for some time now and the […]

Darrel James, general manager of Off the Fence on dating and coproduction

When Stewart asked me to write about international coproduction a phrase I have used before came to mind: ‘Coproduction is a bit like sex: everybody thinks everybody else is at it whilst in reality there is far less of it going on than we all think but when it does happen it is often between […]

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