A coproduction conundrum

Genevieve Dexter, commercial director, CAKE Entertainment One of the hot topics currently in the UK is the need for increased funding to sustain the UK children’s content production industry. Bringing the production back to the UK is not helped by producers groups that specialise in children’s television programmes lobbying for, what is ultimately, self interest. […]

DCD Media CEO David Green on the reality of reality programming in the US

My favourite 90’s trade ad, for the legendary Sunset Marquis hotel in Los Angeles, read: ‘Our hotel is so Hollywood that the pool is shallow at both ends’. Specifically targeted at the bi-annual Cannes TV market, it cleverly played into the international perception of a parade of endless crass and downmarket TV and film products […]

TV should get on board with the pirates…

says The Pirate’s Dilemma author Matt Mason “Well, if you’re wondering what happened… so am I,” exclaimed flustered sports reporter Dan Roan on WGN-TV on November 22, 1987, after a TV pirate dressed as 80s TV icon Max Headroom hijacked the station’s signal. The pirate’s silent transmission jammed the nightly news for twenty seconds, which […]

‘Presenting’ natural history…

Natural history films are notoriously expensive to make. Sending a film crew half way around the world, normally with specialist kit like underwater cameras, infra red lights, camera traps, high access equipment and boxes of anti venom, to sit for weeks in a hide, or to bob on a boat waiting to document some uncooperative […]

Convergence is your friend…

… says Ari Iso-Rautio, vice president, TME Consulting Practice, Capgemini In the telecoms, media and entertainment (TME) industries, the immediate and painful impact of the global economic downturn overlay a story of long-term relative decline. Research by Capgemini’s Strategy Lab shows that in the last decade the proportion of household income spent on TME reduced […]

Online kids content – the numbers don’t add up

It could be said that ‘online’ doesn’t quite fit the ‘new’ media tag any longer, such is its established place in development, production and rights management. It’s been a buzz word, an innovation, and now is a top priority for broadcasters, right up there in terms of key content. In today’s technology-aware times, it’s easy […]

Convergence Nirvana

The way we are consuming video content is changing, says Andy Rogers, MD etv online… This year we are reaching the convergence ‘nirvana’ and for those of us who have been involved in the digital revolution for the last 10 years or so this cannot come too soon. The acid test for all uptake of […]

Lesson from the past can help weather the storm

Ex-Discovery boss Dawn L. McCall looks at what can be gleaned from previous downturns… There’s no denying that times are tough. So tough, in fact, that few of us has experience managing in this type of environment. Or do we? The world has seen some big economic crises over the past 15 years. Mexico. Asia. […]

The death of the digital agency

James Kirkham, director, Holler on the future of digital advertising … Just as everyone in new media begins to think they’re getting it all their own way, they might be surprised to learn that the end is on the way. We need to kill off the digital agency in its current form. We’re reaching a […]

Showtime during the hard times…

Patrick Svensk on making the best out of a bad macro-economic situation Like every other business in a global economy, international television is affected both by the economic climate. Historically the most crucial macro factor is the increase and decrease of private consumption in individual markets. If private consumption starts to drop, or at the […]