NPO, VRT & WDR link with Wild Bunch on dystopian drama ‘Arcadia’


NPO in the Netherlands, Belgium’s VRT and German broadcaster WDR/SWR have linked up with European distributor and producer Wild Bunch TV on a sci-fi thriller set in a dystopian future.

Arcadia (8 x 45 minutes) is being produced by Helen Perquy and Philippe De Schepper, with the latter attached as creator alongside Bas Adiraensen.

The show picks up after a global catastrophe that results in every citizen having a score that determines their rights and entitlements, with a requirement for people to stay healthy, focused and efficient.

At the centre of the story are four sisters, one of whom the father fears will see her score drop. If that happens, she will be expelled to the Outer World, beyond the walls of Arcadia, forcing her father to act.

Lynn Van Royen (Beau Séjour), Maarten Heijmans (Ramses) and Monic Hendrickx (Heirs Of The Night) are attached to star on the first season, with a second run currently at script stage.

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