ATS Team partners with US gov’t to launch competition show ‘Clash Of Trades’

Clash Of Trades

LA- and London-based production company The ATS Team has launched its first fully produced competition series, Clash of Trades, on YouTube.

The series aims to promote the US domestic trades industry for the USA’s Department of Defense and the not-for-profit organisation Global Learning Accelerator’s Project MFG.

The tournament-style skills series sees teams from across the US undertake skills challenges reflective of modern manufacturing demands in order to win a grand prize of $100,000.

Mike Woodward, VP of development & production at ATS, said: “Clash Of Trades is part of a new type of media that blends branded marketing commercial and original reality competition TV together.

“ATS brought our storytelling and competition expertise to create a series that in part is entertaining to watch but also helps cover a more serious issue facing America’s trades workforce. We believe brands will continue to expand their use of TV entertainment to enhance their market position to reach the right audiences creatively.”

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