Brazil’s Globo launches first sustainability report & strategy for future

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Brazilian giant Globo has launched its first sustainability report and outlined a six-pronged strategy to guide its future operations.

The Jornada ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) details initiatives by TV Globo, its 26 pay TV channels, streamer Globoplay and other digital products, as well as a series of commitments aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

These include producing and distributing content “in tune with society, contributing to social and environmental development”, while also promoting diversity and inclusion both in programming it produces and across its workforce.

Alongside developing staff and promoting “transparent and responsible governance”, Globo said it would also be committing to “value and protect biodiversity, promote environmental awareness and respect the natural limits of our planet.”

Its final commitment is to “actively support education as a power for Brazil’s transformation,” the company said.

Paulo Marinho, Globo’s CEO, added that the broadcaster had “for years” supported “causes relevant to society, through journalism, sports, entertainment and through our institutional actions. From now on, we will articulate the initiatives in a unified way, defining assertive and transparent goals and, especially, a long-term vision.”

Programming & diversity strategy

Globo, which recently became a signatory of corporate sustainability initiative the UN Global Compact, said it was making progress on staff diversity and also pointed to shows that were supporting its ESG agenda.

The company’s corporate diversity strategy saw 35% of women and 23% of black men and women hired for “leadership positions” in 2021, it said.

The broadcaster also pointed to shows such as Identities, Aruanas and Amor de Mãe as productions that promoted diversity and environmental awareness through their characters and scripts.

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