Showrunners Insight: ‘Mirzapur’s Puneet Krishna


TBI has partnered with Mumbai- and LA-based talent and content management company Tulsea to get under the skin of some of the best showrunners in the business and find out what makes them tick. Here, we speak to Puneet Krishna, the co-creator, showrunner and lead writer on Amazon Prime Video crime series Mirzapur.

Krishna also wrote for Prime Video’s first original series in India, Inside Edge, and made his writing debut on the Bollywood satire Bangistan. He will also work on the upcoming third season of Mirzapur, while he struck a deal with Netflix last year to create his next two projects for the streamer.

Puneet Krishna. Pic credit: Netflix

In two sentences, tell us how you became a showrunner/producer and why.
I became a showrunner and producer to have more creative freedom, and to ensure better use of the production budgets as given by the platform or network.

What’s the hardest part of your job?

Erm… I thought about it. I don’t find any part hard. I really love what I do. I hope this is not coming out as arrogant.

What’s the best part of being a showrunner/producer?

It’s wonderful to be able to tell the stories the way we want to.

What single action most helped you to become a showrunner/producer?

Finding the right partners and allies.

What is the biggest single challenge facing the industry?

To make high-quality stories that can appeal to a wider audience. This will help us bring the Indian content industry back on her feet after the pandemic.

Squid Game

How can the industry improve diversity off-screen?

It starts with being open to working with different types of people without any bias and discrimination whatsoever and by creating an inclusive, safe environment for everyone.

Name your favourite show of your lifetime?

One of my favorite shows has been The Underground Railroad.

Best show to be cancelled too soon?


Which show nailed its finale and why?

Squid Game. I believe there was no other end that was possible. The show took a much deeper turn with the finale.

What has been your proudest moment in the industry?

It wasn’t necessarily a particular moment, but I’m very proud of the doors that have opened once people started taking notice of my work.

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