Exile Content acquires Lat Am podcasting firm Dixo

María Teresa Pérez

US-based Latinx-led content producer Exile Content Studio has acquired Spanish-language podcast network and prodco Dixo.

Exile will use the acquisition as an opportunity to grow its podcasting efforts, generate new IP, and to lead growth and development of he podcast industry across the US and Latin America. It will work with Dixo to create content that is culturally relevant to audiences, with opportunities for branded content/advertising as part of the partnership.

Exile says that it expects to produce between 25-40 podcasts next year and has plans to buy more podcasting companies in the future.

Founded by Dany Saadia, Dixo first began podcasting in Mexico in 2005 and now has more than 5,000 published productions, across genres including science fiction, cinema, economics, literature, politics, wellness and nutrition.

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome Dixo and its visionary leader Dany Saadia, to Exile Content Studio,” said María Teresa Pérez, COO of Exile Content.

“All of us at Exile are excited over the opportunity to not only grow our podcasting efforts and generate new IP, but to lead the charge on the growth and development of the podcast industry across the U.S. and Latin America.”

Exile produces long and short-form content in Spanish and English for a global audience across multiple platforms, recently co-producing Todo Va A Estar Bien with Diego Luna as showrunner and Sueño Real, about Real Madrid´s women’s Football team with journalist Ana Pastor.

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