What Globoplay’s first telenovela says about its content strategy

Hidden Secrets II (aka Verdades Secretas II)

Brazilian giant Globo has transformed its streaming strategy over recent years, with Globoplay recently ordering its first 50-episode telenovela specifically for the on-demand service.

Head of content, Ana Carolina Lima, tells TBI why Hidden Truths II is so important to the streamer’s content strategy, what is says about Brazilian drama, and how she is looking to forge global partnerships.

How does Hidden Truths II reflect how Globo is seeking to use Globoplay to attract subscribers?

We know that what makes us stand out is Brazilian content and investment in original productions. We have over 30 releases projected for 2022, between documentary and drama. Globoplay doubled its production of originals for 2020, topping almost 40 in 2021, including the first Brazilian telenovela produced for streaming, Hidden Truths II. We also offer a quality international catalogue, with high-value and exclusive productions such as Evil, Why Women Kill, Coyote and Killing Eve.

Ana Carolina Lima

Another strategy is creating a premium content marketplace with partnerships in different formats. Since last year, the public has the option of consuming all Globo channels on the platform, through the Globoplay + live channels package. Globoplay is also a podcasts hub with Globo programs, CBN and O Globo news, in addition to content produced by the international audio content market.

What sets this show apart from the others?

Hidden Truths II is an extremely important content to Globoplay. It’s the largest release of the year on the platform. And its plot is very strong, in addition to presenting a different format: with 50 episodes, it is the first telenovela originally made for streaming in Brazil. The production is captivating, sexy, provoking, erotic – whether in the scenes, in the themes approached, in the photography, in the wardrobe. This erotic tone is in line with a new global ‘hot wave’ of the erotic genre.

How was it financed and what rights do you have? How do you intend to finance other dramas, especially because cost is rapidly increasing?

We have different business models, both for series, films and telenovelas, but overall, we are always seeking to keep intellectual property owned by Globo. There are different models of operation that are directly related to financial investment by the concerned parties.

How would you like to work with other international partners?

Globoplay is already present in the US and we are also expanding to some countries in Europe and to Canada, always focused on Brazilian expats. Since some of those Brazilian expats have multicultural families who want to watch Globoplay content, our intention is to offer more and more subtitled content, focused on families of Brazilians living abroad. The strategy is focused on national and original contents on the platform.

In addition to content produced by Globo Studios and through our strong partnership with the independent market, we also have the series Rio Connection in production, partially in English, developed in a partnership with Sony and Floresta. And our intention is to stay on this path, which expands the possibilities of co-productions and of having more of a local view.

How do you differentiate Globoplay dramas from those available in other streaming platforms such as Netflix?

As we discussed, what sets us apart is Brazilian content and the massive investment in original productions. Hidden Truths II is the first Brazilian telenovela originally made for streaming. Since its premiere in Brazil, the plot has been recording big results in Globoplay. And we are confident we are going to repeat this success in the international market, because national content has a great line of communication with the Brazilian public, which has a very particular relation with our talents, with the stories we tell, with the language, with region-specific peculiarities, with the diversity that is part of our culture.

Aruanas S1

Our strategy still is investing and producing more and more original products, in addition to offering a well-balanced and attractive mix of offers. We will continue on this track, as a large concentrator of Globo Studio Productions, whose drama competes on an equal footing with the best media companies in the world, in the Brazilian independent market and with the best international content available in Brazil.

What types of scripted program work better for you and what are you looking for?

Globoplay is especially interested in content that relates and makes people identify with our culture, talents and storytelling. The platform stands out in this aspect, since it inherits from Globo a deep and historic relationship with the audience, who see our productions as the benchmark. The ‘Brazilianess’ ingredient is always an imperative in our productions, but without losing sight of the experimentation possibility the streaming allows.

Globoplay’s focus is drama, but we also invest substantially in the documentary segment. We have the new seasons of Aruanas and Unsoul coming up, which comes from partnerships with Globo Studios. We also have a partnership with Globo’s Sports and Journalism divisions for content production, but we still work with the independent market. We will soon start production on Rota 66 – A História da Polícia Que Mata, based on the book by Caco Barcellos, and the new seasons of Dissident Archangel, which is being shot, and of Anti-Kidnapping Unit.


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