Show of the week: The World According To Grandpa

Based on the book series by Chris Heath, this 25 x 11-minute hybrid children’s series blends live-action and puppetry with animation and stars Don Warrington (Death In Paradise) as the titular Grandpa, who offers imaginative and ridiculous responses to his grandchildren’s many questions about the world. Luckily, Halifax the rabbit, voiced by Sally Lindsay (Mount Pleasant), is there to provide the real answers to counterbalance Grandpa’s flights of fancy.

The live-action sequences all take place on a large sofa, with Grandpa at one end, the youngsters at the other and the Halifax puppet in the middle, while Grandpa’s explanations come in the form of animation taking place in the backdrop.

Not only does this minimal cast contact help to make the production more Covid-safe, but also ideal for the format to be adapted into other languages as required

“We wanted to make something that we could take to other territories as a kit of parts,” explains Saffron Cherry MD and show exec producer Caroline Roberts-Cherry. “So if you want to remake it with French actors or Swedish actors, you just follow our technical bible and all of the elements are there for you to assemble yourself.”

Producer: Saffron Cherry TV
Distributor: Beyond Rights
Broadcaster: Channel 5 (UK)
Logline: Colourful series for three to seven-year-olds that blends live-action and animation