Kanal D Int’l chief Kerim Emrah Turna steps down

Kerim Emrah Turna

Kerim Emrah Turna has stepped down as the executive director at Kanal D International after 15 years with the company.

Turna, whose next move is not yet known, headed the global content distribution team for Turkish media outlet Kanal D and was also responsible for its international networks business.

The company has been behind a raft of Turkish scripted series that have travelled globally, with shows such as Ruthless City (Zalim İstanbul) and La Trampa Del Amor (Afili Aşk).

He joined the broadcaster in 2007 and helped to establish the Kanal D Drama brand, going on to hold roles across acquisitions, distribution, marketing and business development.

“With his management, the KDI team has widened its presence and leadership in content distribution all around the world,” said Murat Saygi, CEO of Kanal D. “It’s time for him to sail for the new shores, [but] he will be among our dearest colleagues in the media and broadcasting industry.”

Turna added: “I have spent amazing 15 years at Kanal D and always been proud to be a member of this huge family. It’s time for new challenges and sailing to new horizons. I have to underline that with this amazing team I am sure that KDI will keep its position as the leading Turkish media group in the global media landscape.”


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