Exclusive: Globoplay & Starzplay eye int’l partnerships & coproductions

Starzplay and Globoplay are looking to expand their global reach by increasing their coproduction activity around the world, the streamers’ content chiefs have told TBI Talks. 

Ana Carolina Lima, head of content at Brazilian streamer Globoplay and Superna Kalle, EVP of international digital networks at Starz, told TBI yesterday that they both were looking to tap global partnerships to secure ambitious programming for their services.

Ana Carolina Lima

Globoplay, which is backed by Brazilian giant Globo and is the country’s biggest national streamer, already has around 80 projects in development but Lima said coproduction activity was a key focus for the next 12 months.

“Our content comes from many places, we have shows from Globo, from the studios at Globo and from independent producers,” she explained, with originals including Renegade and Unsource. “Now we are looking for international coproductions, with subjects that are universal.”

“We have recently done two coproduction deals with Sony, which gives us the rights in Brazil and they have the rights everywhere else,” Lima said, adding that Globo’s sibling pay and free networks could also take rights on some shows to help marketing pushes.

Budgets are dependant on the project, she said, adding that Globoplay is currently “working very hard” to secure new coproduction partnerships, with original unscripted content and formats also being sought.

Soaring Starzplay

Kalle’s Starzplay, which yesterday unveiled expansion in France with Canal+, said her streamer could be a flexible partner on both acquired and original content.

Superna Kalle

“In some instances we will take all rights and then [parent] Lionsgate will sell territories we don’t need,” Kalle said of acquiring global rights, adding that the company could also work on bespoke deals covering a handful of territories.

Starzplay picked up rights to Normal People in select European countries, Japan and Latin America last year, and Kalle said the SVOD was also looking to strike more copro deals.

“We’re open to almost any structure. We are very comfortable being flexible and that’s on originals we have right now too – we have shows coming out of Mexico coproduced with [Lionsgate-owned streamer] Pantaya, which plays in the US. Then we play outside of the US.

“It’s been a lovely healthy partnership with another sister company and they’re talking to producers and writers all the time,” Kalle added, highlighting shows such as Express from The Mediapro Studio.

Kalle said she had “no rules” on deals and also outlined Starzplay’s ability to revenue share with other regional streamers as another example of the company seeking more global partnerships.

“We work with Viaplay, which is a great example of a very strong SVOD operating in certain countries where people in those countries love the content on there,” she explained.

“They didn’t necessarily want to compete with us on the rights for shows like a Normal People, just as an example. So we can act as an add-on, so they don’t have to pay for this premium content. It’s actually the other way round, because they get a revenue share for people who subscribe. We have a huge title every month and everything is first run originals.”

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