Covid halts production on Oz’s ‘Masked Singer’ and ‘Millionaire’s Hot Seat’

Production on two Australian entertainment shows, Network 10’s The Masked Singer and Nine Network’s Millionaire’s Hot Seat, has been halted due to confirmed Coronavirus cases on set.

Both shows were filming in different parts of the Docklands Studio in Melbourne, Victoria, though they do share some facilities.

Production on The Masked Singer closed down on Saturday after seven crew members tested positive for Covid-19, with the presenters and production team having now been put into isolation.

“The entire production team, including the masked singers, the host and panellists are now in self-isolation,” said the production said in a statement posted on social media. “They are all being monitored closely and are in constant contact with medical authorities.”

The show is expected to continue to air for the time being. The episode being filmed on Saturday was the season finale.

Victorian health authorities also asked for a suspension on filming of Millionaire’s Hot Seat at the Docklands until at least mid-September. Crew members have not been asked to self-isolate, however.

Nine Network is to show repeats of the show until filming resumes.

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