Marvel Television to be rolled into Marvel Studios

Marvel is ending development at its TV division, which is to be rolled into the wider Marvel Studios group.

Development of future shows has now been stopped according to US reports, although shows currently in the works such as Helstrom for Hulu will continue.

Marvel TV’s Jeph Loeb is set to depart following the transition while SVP of current programming and production Karim Zreik is to move across to the Marvel Studios arm and oversee existing projects in production.

Lay-offs are likely for some staff and others are being moved into the Marvel Studios division.

The future of the division has been in doubt for some time after it emerged that the company’s movie arm would be producing live-action series for sibling streamer Disney+, rather than the TV arm.

Kevin Feige, who heads up the movie arm, was recently promoted to become chief creative officer at Marvel with a remit across film, TV and animation.

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