TV critic and broadcaster Clive James dies, aged 80

Clive James

Australian writer and broadcaster Clive James has died aged 80.

James died on Sunday following a decade long battle with cancer, during which he wrote about the illness and his final years.

He was known for a dry wit and hosted an array of TV series including Clive James On Television and docs such as Fame In The 20th Century for the BBC.

“Clive died almost 10 years after his first terminal diagnosis after he laid down his pen for the last time,” read a statement from his agent, United Agents.

“He endured his ever-multiplying illnesses with patience and good humour, knowing until the last moment he had experienced more than his fair share of this ‘great, good world’.

“He was grateful to the staff at Addenbrooke’s Hospital for their care and kindness, which unexpectedly allowed him so much extra time. His family would like to thank the nurses of the Arthur Rank hospital at Home team for their help in his last days, which allowed him to die peacefully and at home, surrounded by his family and his books.”

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