Alberto Pecegueiro to step down as chief at Brazil’s Globosat

Globo Studio

Globo Studio

Alberto Pecegueiro is to step down as chief of Brazilian pay TV operator Globosat after almost 25 years in the role.

Pecegueiro will take up a new position working across joint ventures at Grupo Globo, the pay operator’s parent company, from January next year.

Alberto Pecegueiro

The veteran exec oversaw a shift in strategy for the pay operator during his tenure, moving it from a sports-focused outfit and into new genres such as kids programming, with offerings such as children’s channel Gloob.

His exit follows a restructure at Globo, unveiled earlier this month, that will see the company re-organising its operations along product and service lines rather than content genres.

As part of the changes, broadcast operation TV Globo, cabler Globosat, streamer Globoplay and online offering will now be combined with music division Som Livre and subsidiary DGCorp under a central division simply known as ‘Globo’.

In a memo to staff, Globo’s chairman Roberto Irineu Marinho and Jorge Nóbrega, Grupo Globo’s executive president, said Pecegueiro had helped to transform pay TV in Brazil.

“In addition to stimulating the entry and investment of international channels in the country, he has played a significant role in the development of independent Brazilian producers and in several other links in the content generation chain,” the duo said.

“It is no coincidence that Brazilian pay TV has the most national content in its programming in the western world, outside the United States.” Marinho and Nóbrega added that Pecegueiro had made “a decisive contribution” to the company’s new business strategy and its “organisational structure.”

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