British royalty SVOD debuts on Comcast’s Xfinity platform

A niche SVOD offering around British royal programming has launched om Comcast’s Xfinity X1 platform.

True Royalty TV launched last June as a standalone service in the UK, Ireland, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand; however, its debut on Comcast’s service marks one of the first instances of a UK-based SVOD service being made available through a US pay-TV provider.

The SVOD – which was co-founded by former This Morning editor Nick Bullen, media entrepreneur Gregor Angus and brand strategist Edward Mason – offers a catalogue of royal documentaries and docudramas.

The platform recently moved into original programming, and will soon launch the Tim Vincent-hosted The Royal View – a talk show that looks to separate fact from fiction around the British Royal Family.

The Royal View’s premiere episode focuses on the death of Princess Diana, with guests including biographer Andrew Morton. Other titles on the service include All The Queen’s Horses, All The Queen’s Men, Royal Windsor’s Big Week, The Duchess on the Estate, Prince William’s Africa, The Last Dukes and The Last Party at the Palace.

True Royalty TV is being offered for $5.99 per month, following a seven-day free trial.

CEO Angus said: “Since launching in June, we have seen the US viewer demonstrate a tremendous appetite for a deeper understanding of what really goes on with The Royals, precisely what True Royalty TV provides. Launching on Xfinity X1 is an important step forward for True Royalty TV, as there is no better partner than Comcast to help accelerate our goals of meeting the growing demand for Royal programming and continuing to expand our distribution in the US.”

Bullen added: “True Royalty TV is the one-stop shop for programming on all your favorite Royals. From the American Princess Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, to members of the Royal Family you’ve come to love through the worldwide success of movies and TV shows such as Wallis Simpson and Princess Margaret, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Queen Anne, and George VI. If you want to get behind the headlines and fictional accounts, you’ll want to dive into Royal content available only on True Royalty.”