Warner Bros. Germany teams with Wishlist creators

Warner Bros. International Television Production in Germany (WBITG) has partnered with the creators of web series Wishlist, Marc Schießer, Marcel Becker-Neu and Tobias Lohf, for a new drama series.

The creators, and founders of prodco Outside the Club, gained popularity in Germany for Wishlist – a web series which sees a mysterious app land in the hands of a group of teenagers.

The new high-end drama series will be developed for the German and European market for premium TV/VOD release. It comprises ten one-hour episodes and is already in an advanced stage of development.

Schießer, co-producer, writer, creator and director of the series, said; “Having already successfully redefined the boundaries of the web series format with Wishlist, we are now eager to meet the next challenge, namely the realisation of a long drama series. There has never been a better time for courageous, exciting and visually daring serial storytelling.”

Tim Rostock, executive producer co-productions at WB ITVP added:  “With their previous production Wishlist, Marc Schießer, Marcel Becker-Neu and Tobias Lohf have proven their outstanding talent for a dense and powerful narrative. At the same time the three have an incredible instinct for authentic characters and strong plotlines. We are delighted to be developing and producing the next series project together as partners at eye level.”

Bernd von Fehrn, director of fiction at WB ITVP, said: “Our aim is to focus on the highest quality in the various fictional genres. Our productions have become long-term, successful brands because our established producers in particular have consistently relied on innovative, synergetic cooperation and creative exchange with the best talents. And we are constantly building on this solid foundation.

“As a major production company, we strive to be a competent sparring partner for new content ideas, and a home for a new generation of creative people. We are very proud of this new collaboration.”