BBC Two goes behind the scenes of Brexit with Vice

BBC Two is readying a Vice Studios-produced behind-the-scenes Brexit programme with political editor Laura Kuenssberg. 

The current affairs commission is entitled Inside the Brexit Storm (working title) and will follow Kuenssberg as she reports on the twists and turns of the political saga. 

The special gives audiences a chance to share her perspective as the political editor for the public broadcaster, and to glimpse the sides of her job that usually stay off-camera.

The programme follows Kuenssberg from the moment Prime Minister Theresa May announces her Chequers Plan, through to Brussels as May navigates her way towards a deal with the EU, before returning  to London to witness the toughest parliamentary battles of the modern era.

Along the way, the cameras capture the candid thoughts and discussions of parliamentarians on both sides of the Brexit debate. 

The special is directed and produced by Toby Paton and the editor is Fraser Gibb. It was commissioned by BBC Two controller Patrick Holland. Commissioning editor for the BBC is Gian Quaglieni. Executive producers for Vice Studios are Neil Breakwell and Yonni Usiskin.                                                                                   

BBC head of current affairs Joanna Carr said: “Laura Kuenssberg is for millions of people the person we trust to translate the twists and turns of Brexit every day. At a time when politics is having such a dramatic impact on all our lives, this programme brings audiences right into the heart of the story behind the scenes and with expert analysis. Laura demonstrates first-hand the extraordinary commitment and lengths our reporters go to, to try and make sense of the complicated process for our audiences.”

Yonni Usiskin, creative director at Vice Studios, added: “Inside the Brexit Storm (w/t) gives viewers a privileged insight and unprecedented take on one of the most divisive and unpredictable periods in modern British politics. Laura Kuenssberg takes the audience beyond her news reports and into the heart of Westminster for the first time, guiding us through the most turbulent and politically divisive moments in living memory with key players on both sides of the debate.”

 Executive producer Neil Breakwell added: “This film is a true first draft of history, capturing momentous and defining political events with political parties at war. The consequences of decisions taken by our elected representatives will be felt for years to come and this immersive, up-close documentary reveals the true strategies, passions and conflict present on all sides of the political divide. Fortunately, there is no-one better qualified to lead us through the fog of Brexit politics than the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg.”