Netflix adds Axel Springer CEO to board

Netflix has appointed Mathias Döpfner, chairman and CEO of Axel Springer SE, to its board of directors.

At Axel Springer, based in Berlin, Döpfner leads the European digital publishing house, with brands including Bild, Die Welt, Business Insider and Politico Europe.

Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, noted in a statement that Döpfner’s knowledge of digital media in Europe will help the streamer improve its business in the territory.

“His leadership at the vanguard of both European business and digital media brings us invaluable perspective and insight as we work to build and constantly improve our business all over the world,” said Hastings.

Döpfner has been with Axel Springer since 1998 and became CEO at the company in 2002. He is also a member of the board of directors for Warner Music Group.

“Netflix is one of a kind,” said Döpfner. “It has created a world leading entertainment service that continues to break new ground for the benefit of creators and consumers. A radically innovative culture and governance are essential parts of its success, and it is a tremendous pleasure and privilege to be part of this journey.“

Netflix has made moves to ensure more European content is produced in the platform, largely after European bodies agreed that there should be a 30% quota of European work on Netflix-style services.