The Nuttery bolsters Galaga Chronicles team

Digital-first entertainment studio The Nuttery has announced Roberto Orci is joining the team working on bringing videogame property Galaga Chronicles to TV. Orci is known for his work on movies such as Transformers, The Amazing Spiderman 2, Star Trek, and creator of iconic television shows including Sleepy Hollow and Scorpion.

Orci will serve as executive producer on the Galaga series, which has been developed from the Bandai Namco arcade gaming classic from the 1980s. The animated re-imagining of the iconic game is planned for a 12-episode inaugural season, and will be produced by ShadowMachine and Meow Wolf.

“We couldn’t be more stoked to have this level of creativity and craftsmanship on board our space adventure,” said Magnus Jansson, CEO of The Nuttery. “Roberto’s incredible sense of story and science fiction mastery and ShadowMachine’s excellent animation and design chops have already elevated the project to the next level. I think we are sitting on an amazing origin story for Galaga that will not disappoint fans of the game, or of science fiction in general.”

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