Netflix set for first Mexican reality series

Netflix is set for the launch of its first Mexican reality series Made in Mexico, due to launch September 28.

The reality format follows Mexico City’s wealthy socialites and their opulent lifestyles.

The stars are passionate, unapologetically real, fashionable and sophisticated, and know how to set trends in one of the world’s most culturally vibrant cities, where family name is your bond and legacy is everything.

The show is produced by Love Productions USA and includes Richard McKerrow, Kevin Bartel and Brandon Panaligan as executive producers and Lauren Volonakis and Matthew Moul as co-executive producers.

The cast includes Pepe Díaz as a 35-year-old successful businessman and nightclub impresario who wants to shed his playboy past and settle down into a new life, along with Kitzia Mitre a fashion designer born and raised into Mexico’s high society, among others.

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