Netflix launches ad celebrating black creators as controversial comms chief departs

Netflix unveiled an ad during Sunday’s BET Awards that celebrates black creators on its platform, as its comms boss Jonathan Friedland departed the company after using the N-word.

The ad, titled A Great Day in Hollywood, was inspired by the 1958 photograph A Great Day in Harlem, which featured 57 jazz legends.

Netflix’s spot focuses on 47 of its black writers, showrunners, actors and producers including Ava DuVernay, Spike Lee and Lena Waithe.

The spot was launched shortly after Netflix corporate communication chief Friedland left the company for using the N word “on at least two occasions at work”.

“His descriptive use of the N-word on at least two occasions at work showed unacceptably low racial awareness and sensitivity, and is not in line with our values as a company,” CEO Reed Hastings wrote in a memo regarding the matter.

Netflix’s ad had been in the works for months as part of the larger campaign to highlight Netflix’s track record of commissioning shows highlighting the black experience, such as Dear White People and She’s Gotta Have It.

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