Netflix value surpasses Disney for the first time

Netflix stock market value rose to a record $153 billion on Thursday, temporarily surpassing Disney and making it the world’s most valuable media company for the first time.

The streamer closed with a market capital of $141.8 billion, as Disney clocked off with $152.18 billion.

The moment remains significant, highlighting the great strides Netflix has made in the stock market this year, with many reporting on its 80% jump in the stock market just this year.

Shares in Netflix jumped to a high of $354 per share before closing on $349. At the beginning of the year shares were trading at about $200.

Netflix also jumped ahead of Comcast earlier in the week, closing on $152 billion on Wednesday as Comcast closed on $147 million.

Comcast’s recent pledge to outbid Disney for Fox assets seem to be part of the reason for the lack in confidence in the studios. The NBCU-owner is currently planning an all-cash bid to top the $52 billion Disney has offered Fox, but shareholders do not seem impressed with the move this week.

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