Amazon Prime picks up Indian dating show Hear Me. Love Me.

Amazon Prime Video is to bring original reality series Hear Me. Love Me. to its platform, based on the concept of blind dating.

The format takes a single female looking for love and sets her up on three dates. She’s not allowed to see what her dates look like, and will combine “modern day technology with the rules of old world romance” to find her perfect match.

The contestant will not leave her room the entire time and simply watch the daily lives of her potential dates via a camera, which they carry. Her date’s face is never shown.

Hear Me. Love Me. is hosted by actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra (pictured) and produced by FremantleMedia India.

Vijay Subramaniam, director of content at Amazon Prime Video India, said: “This show is fun and fresh and we believe it will appeal to our current and future Prime members. It is based on the premise of choosing a date, but with a big twist and in a never before seen format in India.

“I think Shilpa is a great fit for this show and the audience will love the role she plays in this Prime Original.  We’re excited to add Hear Me. Love Me. to the slate of innovative shows we’re making for our Prime members.”

The show is the latest investment in Indian content by Amazon, which has brought in Indian originals such as Inside Edge and Their.

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