Federation & Drama Team back new Omri Givon series

Federation Entertainment has joined forces with Israel’s Drama Team productions to co-produce The Grave, an 8 x 60 mins mystery drama that will start shooting next November in Israel.

The Grave is written and directed by Omri Givon, who last week won the Best Series award for When Heroes Fly (pictured) at the first ever Canneseries Festival. Givon is also the creator of Hostages, another series co-produced by Federation and Drama Team.

According to the producers, The Grave tells the story of a man who has lost the love of his life and the mother of his child. He desperately wishes his son to know his dead mother and is willing to do anything to cheat death.

Plot details are scant at this stage but there seems to be a sci-fi/horror feel to the show – which is presumably connected to the central character’s obsession.

The producers say: “Following an earthquake, three human skeletons are discovered at the bottom of a huge pit inside a nature reserve. Test results indicate that these skeletons are those of individuals who are still alive…”

The first season of the drama will unfold in the present time. With cinematic language inspired by TV series and films such as Looper, 12 Monkeys or Lost, the story will stretch from the northern landscapes of Israel to the dirty alleys of south Tel Aviv. Federation holds worldwide rights to the series, though it is too early to say if it will focus on format or tape sales.

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