Show of the Week: Heritage

A fictional wealthy old widow looks for an heir in Global Agency’s latest game show, which sees contestants go head to head for inheritance money.

The contestants participate in a range of tasks with the older woman so she can get a better idea of who they are and how they behave. At the end of each episode, the widow gets rid of one contestant during an elimination ceremony.

“It’s unique in its confrontation between generations. There aren’t a lot of shows featuring old people,” says show creator Aurélien Lipiansky.

The older female is presented as strong and in charge, while the show has an overall funny tone.

Billed as family programming, Lipiansky says that it may interest European and US audiences more as the theme of inheritance is really predominant in the territories.

Asked how she came up with the idea of a gameshow based on inheritance, Lipiansky said she met a similar female in her own life. “I used to work for an old and rich lady who had change of moods all the time. It gave me the idea for the main character.”

Name of the show: Heritage
The distributor: Global Agency
The concept: A gameshow based on inheritance