Show of the week: Car vs America

Exploring car culture across the US through the eyes of millennials, Car vs America takes car-obsessed hosts Michael Ballaban and Raphael Orlove to different cities to discover unique automotive cultures.

Passion CEO Emmanuelle Namiech says the series “is a reflection of this younger demo in tenor, tone and activities”, adding: “It is very transparent and does not stand on the structures and tropes of traditional older-skewing television series.”

The series sees Jalopnik, Gawker Media’s cult car brand and publication, follow Ballaban and Orlove across cities such as North Carolina, New York City and Pennsylvania as they take on automotive activities from skidplate racing to school bus demolition derbies.

In each 30-minute episode, the duo visit part of the US, where the local geography, climate, history, population and avocations have shaped idiosyncratic connections to cars and associated lifestyles. It will air Wednesday nights at 8pm in the States.

The hope from its host channel, Fusion TV, is that a younger audience will identify with the style of the content and remain loyal to cable TV, which the network believes is currently not delivering the kind of programming with which they can identify.

Namiech adds: “The series will appeal to anyone with wanderlust, an interest in car culture and who is tired of the pedestrian auto, gear-head series produced before.

“It welcomes anyone who is curious and ready for something slightly offbeat, but is hugely entertaining.”

Distributor Passion is looking to target pay TV networks and male-skewed free digital channels with the title. It will also be taking the show to SVOD and subscription services that focus on content for youthful audiences.

Name of the show: Car vs America
The broadcaster: Fusion TV
The producer: NorthSouth Productions
The distributor: Passion Distribution
The concept: A millennial-skewed Top Gear exploring American car culture