Show of the week: Chamelia

ChameliaMost chameleons like to blend in, but Chamelia changes colour to match her feelings and embraces life with a flare and style of her own, say the producers of this new preschool series.

The aim is to get Chamelia’s colourful feelings to help connect the community together. Young viewers follow her day-to-day adventures as she solves challenges in familiar childhood situations at school, in the playground, at the park, and at home.

Chamelia is uniquely positioned to encourage our young audience to celebrate differences and express who they are,” says Alison Warner, VP of IP sales and acquisitions at Technicolor. “With its emphasis on empathy and the fact that Chamelia changes colour to reflect her emotions, children will relate to Chamelia and the situations she finds herself in.”

The 52x11mins CGI animation is aimed at girls and boys aged 4-7 years old. While there is a slight girl skew, Warner says, “boys will love the quirky humour in the series”.

Technicolor, which first pitched the Chamelia brand to buyers at Cartoon Forum 2013, is looking for key presales ahead of a proposed Q1 2019 delivery schedule, and Warner will be handling all sales activity. The core targets for the Ethan Long-inspired show are public broadcasters on linear platforms or SVOD platforms where applicable.

Digital extensions to the title are planned alongside the production, so there will be a website, additional content and some games available in the near future.

The Show: Chamelia
The Producer: Technicolor Creative Development
The Channel: TBC
The Distributor: Technicolor
The Concept: Pre-school toon based on books written by Ethan Long about a young chameleon