YouGov: Netflix most liked brand among millennials

Netflix Hollywood officeNetflix is the most positively talked about brand among millennials, according to YouGov BrandIndex data.

The research firm found the SVOD giant to top the poll of 18-34 year-olds, ahead of other tech companies like Facebook, Apple, AirBnB and Spotify.

Asked which brands they had talked to friends and family about in the previous two weeks – whether online or in person – 73.8% said that they had heard something positive about Netflix.

Facebook came in second at 73.5%, followed by the brands Apple (73.3%), iPhone (71.1%), AirBnB (70.5%) and Primark (70.4%). Spotify, Ikea, Wetherspoons and PlayStation rounded out the rest of the top ten.

“Netflix continues to be extremely popular with a younger generation of viewers who remain drawn to the service thanks to a range of original and exclusive content,” said YouGov.

“The brand has harnessed the power of word of mouth recommendations, which has helped to foster growth around the world. Of course, one of the challenges for the service now is to expand as deeply into other age groups.”

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