MediaXchange partners with Australian Writers’ Guild

Scripted-logo-460_2MediaXchange has partnered with Australian Writers’ Guild to create a programme for more Aussie writing talent.

Katrina WoodThe partners created a week-long delegation of Australian TV talent that visited LA.

Australian screenwriters Shelley Birse (The Code, Rush), Kristen Dunphy (White Collar), Matt Ford (Farscape), Chris Lee (The Secret Life of Us), Michael Miller (Pulse) and Sue Smith (Saving Mr Banks) took part in an inaugural, day-long, creative vision programme.

The event also featured three interactive sessions with writing showrunners and executive producers Mark Goffman (Sleepy Hollow), Oliver Goldstick (Pretty Little Liars) and Blake Masters (Brotherhood).

The sessions explored and examined the US showrunner/writer role, how it relates to the Australian creative process and the opportunities for Australian screenwriters in developing USA and wider international TV drama business.

Katrina Wood (pictured), CEO at MediaXchange, said: “This has been an outstanding first partnership with the Australian Writers’ Guild and a terrific learning experience for all involved. We look forward to developing our relationships with local partners in Australia and the multi-faceted talent it offers.”

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