Sony launches free-to-air movies channel in Italy

Sony Pictures Television Networks (SPTN) is to launch a new free-to-air movie channel, Cine Sony, in Italy on September 7.

Kate MarshThe launch of Sony’s latest free-to-air venture in the Italian market follows the launch of kids’ channel, POP in May.

The new channel replaces Capri Gourmet, which SPTN acquired in April 2017.

Cine Sony will mine Sony Pictures’ catalogue to air a mix of film, documentaries and behind-the-scenes programmes.

The channel will launch with the free-to-air premiere of Captain Phillips, and offer a slate of both new and classic movies ranging from L’uomo delle Stelle to Jerry Maguire and Spiderman 3, along with documentaries and specially commissioned programmes exploring the history and culture of cinema.

Coming Soon in Rome will produce cine Sony’s first commissions, La Fabbrica dei Sogni and Cine Classic.

La Fabbrica dei Sogni is a programme dedicated to the history of Italian cinema presented by author and web editor Antonio Bracco and film critic Federico Gironi; while Cine Classic delves into the history of the Hollywood movie, presented by the author, radio and TV presenter LaMario.

“We’re thrilled to launch Cine Sony in Italy as part of our expansion in Free-To-Air and are excited to be adding our second channel as we build our portfolio in this key European market,” said Kate Marsh, executive VP of Western Europe for SPTN.

“Cine Sony will be a unique take on the world of cinema combining film, documentary and commentary.  It will celebrate the world of cinema in Italy, a country that is rich in cinema heritage.”

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