J.P. Bommel on NATPE Europe

JP-BommelJ.P. Bommel became leader of US-based industry markets organisation NATPE in August 2015, initially joining as managing director and COO. Following the appointment, he and outgoing chief Rod Perth decided to move NAPTE Europe back to Budapest, Hungary, after a two-year switch to Prague in the Czech Republic.

Here, he tells TBI about new initiatives for the ongoing NATPE Europe 2017, and why he has placed more focus than ever on the international buying community


TBI: How are you positioning NATPE Europe to stand out from other, larger international markets?
First of all, I need to say this is shaping up to be the best NATPE Budapest ever. The purpose of the meeting is to be a global event for buyers. We have to make sure those buyers are in attendance.

TBI: June is a busy month for television industry, of course, with NEM running the week before and other markets cropping up.
Lots of markets are taking place at the same time, but these are mainly for producers and similar types of companies. While we do place some focus on producers, this is all about buyers and sellers.

TBI: How many buyers do you expect through the doors?
We have more than 415 confirmed to date, and many of them are new for this market.

TBI: What new initiatives have launched in 2017?
We have created a concierge service that helps buyers and sellers get together. This will help connect people who might otherwise have a hard time connecting.

There is also a priority to honour buyers, and show them we really take care of them. It is important to celebrate and to honour creativity.


TBI: Last year, you addressed the issue of non-affiliated screenings occurring around the market by launching a venture with the studios. What can delegates expect this year?
We have to make sure we bring them fresh content, and we can do that by making sure the studios come and do their screenings here in Budapest.

Some buyers don’t have the finances to go to the LA Screenings, so this is an opportunity to see that fresh content. CBS Studios, Lionsgate Television, Warner Bros., NBCUniversal International Distribution, CBS Studios International, Fox and MGM are signed up.

TBI: What other territories are you shining a light on at the event?
We want to position the event as working for local companies, so content from the region is showcased properly, and for international companies. We will be showcasing content from the CEE and have spotlights on Turkey and China among others, with the likes of Kanal D and Jiangsu showing off their fresh shows.

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