Show of the week: Lucky Room

With NATPE Europe around the corner, Turkish distributor Global Agency is building up interest in Lucky Room, the latest format from Shopping Monsters producer Erdi Productions.

Global Agency CEO Izzet Pinto says having the production company behind the well-travelled shopping makeover format, plus others such as My Wife Rules, is “a good credit as people believe more in shows from successful producers”.

Having aired in Greece for close to 100 episodes on Antenna 1, Global Agency has closed a broadcast deal in Serbia, and Pinto says an option deal with a “major production company” will see it developed in the US.

“We began selling it one year ago, and if we get a US version the whole world will give it more attention,” he adds.

Lucky Room is a studio-based access primetime game show that mixes classic Q&A with an element of luck.

Each episode sees three contestants competing with their families and/or friends behind the scenes in a soundproof room. The player who answers closest to the correct answer is then connected to this ‘lucky room’, where the family then has a guess, which only the audience sees.

Their answer leads to one of five steps, which translate to different prizes, which are added to the contestant’s bank. The player with the most money at the end moves on to a finale, where they play alongside their family to win the prize total.

“The show creates suspense, jeopardy and funny moments,” says Pinto. “Visually, it’s very attractive and is a format that pulls you in – you can’t change the channel.”

The show: Lucky Room
The producer: Erdi Yapim
The distributor: Global Agency
The broadcaster: Antenna 1 (Greece)
The concept: Daily studio game show in which contestants rely on luck to win prizes