Chinese kids channel app launches in the US

Kids-logo-460_2miao-logoMandarin-language kids net Miao Mi has launched via a dedicated iOS app in North America.

The channel is operated by Celestial Tiger Entertainment, which is backed by Saban, Astro and Lionsgate.

It created its Chinese-language net in 2015 as a local alternative to the big three international kids services – Cartoon Network, Disney and Nickelodeon – and several rollouts took place last year.

The Miao Mi app is now available in the US and Canada, and gives consumers access to a 500-strong collection of videos including Pleasant Goat Fun Class an Star Babies.

Kids can also learn simple Mandarin phrases and words through Miao Mi Classroom, a series of vignettes teaching Mandarin through animated flash cards and songs.

“More people speak Chinese than any other language,” said Todd Miller, CEO of Celestial Tiger Entertainment.

“Miao Mi is the only app that offers the next generation a fully immersive Mandarin learning experience. Parents now have a tool to give their kids a head start in learning a language that is becoming increasingly important.”

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