Hat Tricks offers Cheap Cheap Cheap option

Formats-logo-460_2Cheap Cheap CheapLondon-based distributor Hat Trick International is debuting four formats next month in Cannes, including a Noel Edmonds effort.

Cheap Cheap Cheap is billed as “an inspired collision of comedy and gameshow”, taking place in a fictional convenience store where British presenter Edmonds (Deal or No Deal) plays a store owner.

He will invite pairs of contestants to win increasing amounts of money by correctly picking the cheapest of three similar items. Eccentric staff offer advice, encouragement and distractions throughout.

In the UK, HTI parent Hat Trick Productions produces the show for Channel 4, running to 30 hours.

Wealth sap format Rich House Poor House is also on the slate. Another Hat Trick in-house production, it sees two families from opposite ends of the wealth divide swap lives and budgets for seven days. Channel 5 broadcasted it in the UK.

How to Live Mortgage Free, from Plum Pictures and for Channel 4, follows a team of property experts who meet people self-building unconventional homes that are aimed to be rent- or mortgage-free.

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