Cake has Angry Bird Blues at MIPTV

Kids-headerAngry Birds BluesCake will launch new Angry Birds series Angry Birds Blues at MIPTV.

The new animated series, which targets 8-to-12s, follows three bluebird triplets and their adventures on Bird Island.

The series was teased at the end of The Angry Birds Movie and as a 30×2’30mins dialogue-free series is well suited to the international market.

Angry Birds creator Rovio produces the series.

“Angry Birds Blues is a great addition to the Angry Birds franchise which now consists of 10 series,” said Ed Galton, CCO and managing director at CAKE said.

“The cute loveable characters are already a hit with fans all over the world and we are looking forward to launching the series at MIPTV.”

Cake will also start talking to buyers about Piggy Tales: 4th Street at MIPTV, the fourth series in the Angry Birds spin-off Piggy Tales series.

Angry Birds owner Rovio Entertainment recently sold its Vancouver studio to its former CEO, Mikael Hed, but the lucrative Angry Birds franchise remains with Rovio.