Passion releasing The Boy Who Tried to Kill Trump

The Boy Who Tried to Kill TrumpPassion Distribution has snagged The Boy Who Tried to Kill Trump, the doc special about a British citizen who tried to shoot the US president at one of his pre-election rallies.

The show was commissioned by BBC Three, the UK pubcaster’s online, youth-skewing net, under the titled The Brit Who Tried to Kill Trump, and released on the iPlayer service last week.

UK-based distributor Passion will now launch the doc globally, having scooped the international rights.

UK indie Firecracker Films made the doc, which examines events surrounding 20-year-old British man and Asbergers sufferer Michael Sandford’s attempt to take a police officer’s gun and shoot Trump.

The films looks at how the US justice system has dealt with Sandford, and his motivation, and follows his family as they travel to the US for his sentencing.

Sandford received a 12 month and one day sentence in December.

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