Show of the week: The Next Boy/Girl Band

A new talent competition from Talpa (creator of The Voice), The Next Boy/Girl Band, sees two top record labels take each other on to create a new boy or girl band. Starting off with the looks and moves, aspiring stars must prove they have the right image to become the next pop phenomenon. “But that’s not enough,” says Maarten Meijs, manaing director of Talpa Global. “In the next challenge they have to prove they can really sing, because they’ll need the full package to secure a spot.”

The show launched on SBS6 in the Netherlands and “has secured strong ratings in the young target demo”, says Meijs. “The talent competition has secured a stellar 127.9% market share increase compared to the channel average.”

Part of the show’s appeal is that it encourages heavy interaction via social media, says Meijs. “By offering a strong multichannel experience, viewers are turned into fans right from the start,” he adds. “The talents, bands, vloggers and hosts actively engage with their fans by uploading raw social reality content on Facebook and Instagram, allowing viewers to become part of the conversation.

“Young viewers want full access, never missing out. The Next Boy/Girl Band gives offers a unique multichannel experience.”

One place it could well play internationally is ITV. With Talpa now owned by the UK broadcaster there is increasing cooperation between the two, with The Voice transferring from BBC to ITV, and Dance, Dance, Dance also headed to the commercial net.

In terms of where it might sell, Meijs says: “Talent competitions with a unique twist and original content are always in demand. The Voice shows us a strong talent competition can be successful in any territory.”

As for whether it represents a trend, he says: “The Next Boy/Girl Band isn’t part of a trend, it’s the answer to one of the biggest challenges our industry faces – namely the need for strong content that appeals to hard-to-reach young viewers.”

The show: The Next Boy/Girl Band
The producer: Talpa Productions
The distributor:  Talpa Global
The broadcaster: SBS6 (Netherlands)
The concept: A talent show in which two record labels compete to find the new great girl band or boy band