UHD net INsight TV to debut in North America

TERN is expanding its reach of INsight TV with the North American launch of the ultra high-definition channel.

TERN launched its INsight TV Ultra HD and HD channels a year ago across Europe and the North American feed will debut soon throughout the US and Canada.

“Our European launch of INsight TV with SES has been a huge success, and our content trials have certainly indicated that our unique programming concept will be equally popular with the introduction of our 24/7 channel across North America,” said TERN CEO Rian Bester.

“Television viewers across North America are buying Ultra HD TVs at a record pace and increasingly asking for compelling UHD programmingchoices such as featured on INsight TV,” noted Steve Corda, vice-president of business development for SES in North America.

“We are very excited to play such an integral role in TERN’s plans to reach new audiences around the world, as we help to accelerate thedelivery of Ultra HD to homes throughout North America.”

Earlier this year, Mariam Zamaray exited her post as TERN’s chief executive, with former COO Bester stepping up to replace her, initially on an interim basis.

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